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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – The Greatest Show in Television History

February 28th, 2022 · No Comments · Weird Things About Me

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – The Greatest Show in Television History



I know I’m a few years late on this, but —
season one — 8 episodes
two — 10 episodes
√ three — 8 episodes
√. four — 8 episodes

34 total episodes

20 Emmy wins — 32 other nominations

Brilliant unique song choices to close each episode.

Season one — first aired March 17th, 2017

Season 1 – episode 1 — “Pilot”
Brilliant writing!!
Gilbert Gottfried!  Introduces Lenny Bruce!
Opens with their wedding day — the skips to four years later.
And casting!
Rachel Brosnahan – so perfect as the title character.
Alex Borstein is fuckin hilarious — she’s got so many funny lines, and fuckin slays (she’s lived in Barcelona for the last 5 years) — won TWO Emmys for her performance
27:20 — Allen Ginsberg reference — “That looks like Allen Ginsberg.”
Tony Shalhoub as Midge’s father Abe (won Emmy for it)
Kevin Pollock is Joel’s father, and Caroline Aaron as his mother Shirley Maisel.
The Joel actor, Michael Zegen, sure looks like a young Al Pacino.
Lenny Bruce — recurring character, plus Mort Saul, Allen Ginsberg & Redd Foxx all discussed.
33 mins in — Joel leaves Midge.  He’s having an affair with his secretary.
41 mins — Midge goes to Gaslight after Joel leaves her — her first time at a mic.
Recording of it, as seen in ep. 6, is dated Sept 23, 1958.
She gets arrested and thrown in the cop car with Lenny Bruce.
Note in her notebook is dated 9/19/58.
Episode ends will Midge asking Lenny Bruce if he loves doing standup.
He answers with a dramatic shrug — but an impish grin.
Midge:  “Yeah — he loves it.”  🙂 

Incredible production design.
Great editing . . . and pacing . . . and costumes.
Scenes at the Gaslight, Kettle of Fish & Village Vanguard.

episodes 2 thru 8 dropped online Nov 29, 2017

Season 1 — episode 2 — “Ya Shivu v Bolshom Dome Na Kholme”
Incredible steady-cam tracking shot at the clothing factory!
My gawd is Susie / Alex funny!!
45 mins — Midge goes to the Gaslight for the second time, gets arrested for 2nd time

Season 1 — episode 3 — “Because You Left”
Lenny Bruce bails Midge out after 2nd arrest
Max Casella – great as the lawyer, also in Vinyl and Blue Jasmine, The Sopranos
30 mins — Lenny Bruce playing at the Vanguard — he’s still a huge character. The actor Luke Kirby does him GREAT!!!
32 mins – SPECTACULAR SEQUENCE!  Smoking joints with Lenny Bruce and the black jazz musicians!  Her big breakthrough on stage comes when she gets stoned!
David Paymer!!!
Lots of location shooting in Manhattan

Season 1 — episode 4 — “The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets”
Midge buys a Redd Foxx album from eccentric guys in basement of the Music Inn in the Village
25 mins – amazing Washington Square Park steady-cam “oner” scene
Midge addresses crowd at Washington Square Arch
Susie takes Midge on tour of Village comedy clubs
shit-hole comedy club — ventriloquist who’s puppet has committed suicide.
Incredible one-shot to open the Copa scene!!  Sheesh!!
Susie (Alex Borstein) has all the best comic lines.
Red Skelton portrayed playing at the Copa
they have a new year’s eve party — 1955 —> 1956

Season 1 — episode 5 — “Doink”
This is SO well written and edited.
God this is brilliantly made stylistically!
THIS is filmmaking!!
Cinematography is to die for!
It’s a meditation on the study and practice of comedy.|
B. Altman store begins.  Midge applies for job.
13m mins — Midge at the Gaslight – does set – booms
Wallace Shawn!
I can so see why this has won 20 Emmys!
This is SO New York!
I LOVE the apartments!

Season 1 — episode 6 — “Mrs. X at the Gaslight”
show date written on tape box 9/23/58
Midge meets guy at party she can riff with.
great jokes written for the characters.
I am jaw-dropped watching this — literally so many moments I catch myself watching with my jaw hanging open.
smart story arc
the costumes!
the editing!
the location shooting.
gawd, this is just frickin brilliant!
they write the recording date of Midge’s bad set at the Gaslight at Sept. 23, 1958.

Season 1 — episode 7 — “Put That on your Plate”
Midge creates a tight 10 minutes
David Paymer again
15 mins – the great Jane Lynch playing Queen’s comic Sophie Lennon.
44 mins — Midge on stage at the Gaslight — blows it talking about Sophie
Ted Joans name on a poster on back of stage

Season 1 — episode 8 — “Thank You and Good Night”
Lenny Bruce shows up again!
Ted Joans on the Gaslight posters again!!
And Robert Creeley! Who I’m quite sure never performed at the Gaslight (like Ted did). But they do put his name on a poster!
50:30 — the Lenny – Midge Gaslight show
Midge beats back hecklers
Then Joel takes him on on the street.
OMG — at 55:22, behind the top of the Christmas tree, you can see a yellow and grey poster with — Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Lucien Carr & Herbert Huncke!!
I had to freeze it with a pause and use a magnifying glass on my television — but there it is!

SEASON TWO — takes place one year later — all episodes went online Dec. 5, 2018

Season 2 – episode 1 (episode nine) “Simone”
Midge is a switchboard operator (she got fired from makeup cuz Penny called her a tramp)
the mother went to Paris
AMAZING NEW YORK TO PARIS FLIP — Empire State Building to Eiffel Tower
10 mins in Midge & father are in Paris
GOD this scriptwriting is un-fucking-believable!
Mother: “I missed me, too.”
I can NOT believe I’m watching a show with Lenny Bruce as a character!!
And the guy won an Emmy for it! He really has his mannerisms and speech pattern down.
Susie/Borstein gets kidnapped by mobsters

Season 2 — episode 2 (ten) “Mid-way to Mid-town”
Paris — Abe takes to it
INCREDIBLE CONTINUOUS TRACKING SHOT in garment factor around 13:45–15:15 mins in
amazing cinematography and production design
Midge’s bad gig in Midtown, insults male comics

Season 2 – episode 3 (eleven) “The Punishment Room”

Season 2 – episode 4 (twelve) “We’re Going to the Catskills”
image appears saying “Summer 1959”
these costume are blowing my mind episode after episode.
the peak of the Catskills era — it started to go downhill in the early ’60s
with all the ethnic capturing and long tracking shots this is Scorsese-like.
28:09 – 28:50 then again 28:51 – 31:25 ! — incredible long continuous tracking shot for the dance scene.
un-fuckin-believeable! That is one of the most mind-blowing cinematic scenes I’ve ever scene. It’s up there with Altman, Scorsese & Welles’ tracking shots.
This might be the greatest 3 1/2 minutes of a TV show I’ve ever seen staged.
This is a continuous tracking shot with 100 actors. and multiple paces and tones.
38 mins — the overhead hula hoop shot with Susie/Alex!!!  un-fuckin real.

Season 2 episode 5 — (thirteen) “Midnight at The Concord”
Catskills — Midge returns to B. Altman —
she & doctor boyfriend go to a Broadway play The Legend of Lizzie (Borden)
25 mins – GREAT Lenny Bruce scene!!!!! God this writing is amazing!! And so’s the actor Luke Kirby.
Lenny does part of a set . . . then great scene with Midge at table.
Great scene at the Stage Deli — Midge tells doctor she’s a comedian.
GREAT writing and pacing.
45 mins – Midge preforms at the Catskills, KILLS, father in audience
Un-fucking believable episode.
This is the greatest TV ever made
Veep was great. Seinfeld was great. But this is the greatest.
Holy mother of god.

Season 2 – episode 6 (fourteen) “Let’s Face The Music and Dance”
Great family breakfast at big round table.
Then big father–daughter scene on porch.
8:45 lysergic acid mentioned!
the editing, the pacing, the storytelling, the cinematography.
Midge’s brother Noah is an undercover security operative (CIA).
ie; both the kids have a secret life.
Kevin Pollak is f’n great.  So glad he’s in this.
GREAT episode!

* Season 2 – episode 7 (fifteen) “Look, She Made A Hat”
The art / artist episode!
The dialog is fucking brilliant!
They go to the Cedar Tavern!!!
of course they stage it as a nice bar. But I don’t complain. WHAT a set!!!
8 mins – the drunk eccentric artist Declan Howell — his first line is “Fuck Burroughs!  I’m done with writers!”  (!)
The actor, Rufus Sewell, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – and lost to Luke Kirby as Lenny!
Artist shows Midge his magic famous secret painting.
He lets the doctor buy a painting. “Tell him to pick out any painting he wants and leave a cheque on the table.”
26 mins – Amazing artist studio scene!!!
Midge’s attempted reveal to the family about her comedy career.  Amazing scene.  Brilliant writing and execution!
Story marks one year anniversary.
boy — I sure see why this has won 20 Emmys in 3 seasons!!
the second season may be better than the first!
43 mins — oh my god the dinner comedy performing reveal scene is fucking brilliantly written and edited!!!
holy f’n christ!!

Season 2 – episode 8 (sixteen) “Someday …”
they go on the road to Washington, Philly — disastrous tour.
Midge & Susie are bickering all the time.
Midge does return gig at club in Midtown.
Didn’t love this episode.

Season 2 – episode 9 (seventeen) “Vote For Kennedy, Vote For Kennedy”
Father Abe loses it in front a students.
12 mins – telethon.
Shy Baldwin – Nat King Cole character on telethon.
Columbia U. asks Abe to leave.
23 mins – arthritis & rheumatism telethon broadcast, 1959.  Great period TV set and dance.
30 mins – Jane Lynch as Sophie Lennon comes back (in the telethon).
35 mins – Shy Baldwin sings for first time.
40 mins – great mirror shot.
Susie storms into Sophie Lennon’s dressing room.  Alex Borstein vs. Jane Lynch.
44 mins – Midge’s set to close show at 11:55PM.  Midge improvises answering the phones.
Midge does killer end set.
48 mins – Rose: “So this is really happening?” 🙂

Wow! fight between Midge & Susie!  Sad to see.

Season 2 – episode 10 (eighteen) “All Alone”
costumes, production design, cinematography, casting, the scriptwriting
Midge in blond hair??? — flashback to courting in college.
The dancing in the street scene crane shot scene like old musicals.
The doctor wants to marry Miriam.  He interviews with Abe.
20 mins — amazing baseball hitting scene in Riverside Park – one continuous shot!
Abe gets fired from Bell Labs.
Midge talks about pregancy and gets thrown off stage.
* * it’s like the early Seinfeld episodes in that the comedian talks about the storylines in the episode.
So brilliant and karmically right to cast Alex Borstein.
32 mins — Dublin House!
Lenny Bruce! – having doubts about career
36 mins — Alex B at Jane Lynch’s house — Jane Lynch KILLS!!!!
Elia Kazan namedrop!!
Sophie Lennon asks Alex to be her manager!
Her butler is GREAT casting!!
Incredible script and comedy.
The Nat King Cole character!! (Shy Baldwin) — asks her to go on the road with him — 6 months – 3 in America, 3 in Europe.
watching jaw-dropped once again
Abe is leaving Bell Labs and Columbia University
48 mins – Lenny on The Steve Allen Show!
GREAT Steve Allen actor
No way!! they do All Alone  — WOW!!
Cafe Reggio scene — on location!  Abe meets with lawyer.
“I’m going to be all alone for the rest of my life.” That’s MY life choice!
And that’s what Midge realizing she will be all alone.
THIS is what makes me say this is the greatest TV series ever made.

SEASON THREE — all episodes dropped online Dec. 6, 2019

Season 3 – episode 1 (nineteen) “Strike Up The Band”
Midge at USO troop rally!  ENORMOUS cast of extras and performers!
UN-BE-LIEVABLE set — old airplanes!
SO amazing that Amazon bought/funded this — and not any network — THIS is proof of how conventional Hollywood/entertainment just doesn’t get it — and how streaming services do.
Funny recurring joke about Alex being perceived as a dude 🙂
I love how Midge walks with the mic.
Nat King Cole character back — lots of footage of him performing.
Once again the cinematography and editing is fucking brilliant!
Joel leases a club in Chinatown.
She’s now not marrying the doctor.  🙁
38:30 — Kerouac conversation
Rose: “I’m sure your beatnik hero Jack Crack-o-wack must be just rife with syphilis.”
Abe: “Do you mean Jack Kerouac?”
Midge: “Who?”
Abe: “Jack Kerouac. On The Road. For God’s sake you should know him, you’re young. How a daughter of mine developed absolutely no intellectual or social curiosity or sense of responsibility is beyond me.”
Lenny Bruce routine — holds up Playboy centerfold — gets busted again — Abe comes and “gets it’ — stands up to cops busting Lenny.  Gets arrested with Lenny.
A second dancing oner shot!
Alex/Susie tells Midge she’s gonna manager Sophie (Jane Lynch).
The Mrs. Maisel character has really reinvigorated my love of improv!

Season 3 – episode 2 — (twenty) “It’s The Sixties, Man!”
Mentions the White Horse tavern.
Talking about putting out a revolution magazine.
House filled with beatniks.
8:30 — they go to Providence Oklahoma!
12 mins — New York apartment FULL of beatniks.
Rose’s parents made a fortune on oil wells.
Sad — but there’s a lot of stress and people not getting along — Midge & Susie, the Nat King Cole (Shy Baldwin) manager and Susie, Joel and the new landlords, Rose and her family, the beatniks and the maid, the family going broke.
Not loving this like I have in the past — but still amazing cinematography.

Season 3 – episode 3 – (twenty-one) “Panty Pose”
more conflict — Susie and Sophie’s manager.
This went from fun comedic harmony from constant strife.
Jane Lynch again.
Production design & costumes are still beautiful — but I’m no longer liking the story
They go to Las Vegas — again, AMAZING production design!!
I feel like i’ve lost interest in this.
Shy is nice to Midge — first time I’ve seen anyone be nice to anyone else in an hour and a half.
Midge’s parents move out of their nice apt — more sad.
Female bass player — like that LA Wrecking Crew chick — Carol Kaye

Season 3 – episode 4 – (twenty-two) “Hands!”
Okay — things get sorta pleasant again.
Car racing scene a la Rebel Without a Cause.
Susie pitching Sophie/Jane Lynch to Broadway.
Abe working with Village radicals.
Joel & Midge get married in Vegas.

Season 3 – episode 5 – (twenty-three) “It’s Comedy or Cabbage”
Again — INCREDIBLE wardrobe and locations.
Midge is successful now — in Miami, at Fonteaintleu Hotel.
Jane Lynch — but complaining and bitching — terrible character — don’t like her, not funny.
Abe still meeting with beatnik counterculture newspaper people.
This has definitely lost its appeal to me by mid third season.
Carol Kaye bass character again — she’s even called Carol!
Lenny shows up!!! — he’s about the only part of this show I love at this point.
I wonder what Jerry Seinfeld thinks of this? Google search revealed nothing.
38 mins — Lenny Bruce again — this is the best part of the show.
Wow — he’s on a Playboy After Dark type show!
Amazing scene!
What BALLS to write Lenny Bruce as a character!!!
She doesn’t go to bed with Lenny! How fucked!

Season 3 – episode 6 – (twenty-four) “Kind of Bleau”
Schooner scene! — Shy & Midge on the waves.
Alex Borstein is fuckin great!
Midge cites the year as 1960.
Alex/Susie about Midge’s mother Rose —”She’s John Huston in underwire.” 🙂
There’s too much stress and arguing in this for me now.
It used to about harmony — now it’s about discord.
38 mins — Jason Alexander shows up. Blacklisting theme.
Midge & Nat King Cole — reveals he’s gay — after he’s been beat up by gay lover.
Episodic TV, no matter how good, is a soap opera.
Close credits song is John Lennon’s I Found Out from the first solo album — thematically linked to Midge finding out about Shy.  Writer/director/creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is also the music supervisor.

Season 3 – episode 7 – (twenty-five) “Marvelous Radio”
Back in NY — Midge doing advertising voiceovers.
Production design and cinematography and editing is still BRILLIANT.
Great music — but the scriptwriting has really collapsed.
Veanne Cox (lawyer from Erin Brockovich) small part.
Midge doesn’t read live on air for Phyllis Shafley — show gets political.
Jane Lynch goes off-script and loses it.
Alex Borstein and Jane (Susie & Sophie) have it out in front of the theater.

Season 3 – episode 8 – (twenty-six) “A Jewish Girl Walks Into The Apollo”
Joel and Midge fight over which school to send their kids (who cares?).
Joel’s opens club — resumes relationship with Chinese girl.
Midge takes the stage impromptu.
Midge wants to buy her old apt. — says her manager is holding all her money.
Then Susie loses huge bet — Alex Borstein big crying scene.
Veanne Cox (tough woman lawyer from Erin Brockovich) appears again.
Midge & blond Imogene walking down Morningside Heights park stairs.
Susie asks Joel to handle the money going forward.
Doctor Benjamin shows up to confront Midge.
50 mins: Midge plays the Apollo opening for Shy Baldwin.
At least Shy & Midge love each other.  [oops!  Not for long!  🙂 ]
Wanda Sykes as Moms Mabley!
Susie’s mom dies, they burn down her house.
Susie’s inheritance will pay for Midge’s money she lost.
I’m crying in joy for Midge’s performance and the happy ending.
Midge returns to her original apartment.
Abe gets hired to be the Village Voice theater critic.
Midge gets fired from tour cuz of Apollo set revealing too much about Shy (that he’s gay).

SEASON FOUR — dropped Feb 18 – March 11th, 2022

Season 4 – episode 1 – (twenty-seven) “Rumble on the Wonder Wheel”
Midge back at the Gaslight.
Midge takes off clothes – in her underwear on side of road.
Washington Square Park!!! at daybreak.
Stupid storyline about Joel’s Chinese club.
Insurance knows they burned down the house – not giving money.
Gets surreal — magic tricks, hallucinations, surreal.
Families go to Coney Island.
Can’t stand the storylines involving the families — don’t give a shit about them.
Too much whining.
The script has really become a problem.
38 mins roller coaster stage — good script writing.
Caroline Aaron as mother Maisel is GREAT casting.
They talk about Midge riffing and improvising as her strength.
Commits to what’s on her mind — will only do shows where she can speak what she wants.
49:15 “Then let’s change the business.”
49:20 — killer closing Gaslight set.
“You can’t do anything if you keep your mouth shut.”
This is powerful stuff.
Closing song Being Good (Isn’t Good Enough)

Season 4 – episode 2 – (twenty-eight) “Billy Jones and The Orgy Lamps”
Midge moves back into the old family apt. — and brings parents with her.
Abe goes to work for the Village Voice.
Abe again cites loving The Twilight Zone.
Susie (Alex) goes to see Sophie (Jane Lynch) in mental institution.
David Paymer and Alex in Central Park around the Lake.
Midge goes on stage, performs as a man — gets arrested again.
“I’m in for daring to say words.”

Season 4 – episode 3 – (twenty-nine) “Everything is Bellmore”
Midge plays a strip club.
Midge is selling Tupperware at her house.
Once again, I’m bored by the soap opera-ness and all the non-entertainment biz family bullshit.  I’ve lost interest.
But brilliant cinematography and design as always.
This is so stupid.  The writing is nowhere what it was.  Lost interest.
It’s so stupid that the house manager at a Village club would have no one at his funeral.
This really fell apart.
42 mins — Lenny Bruce shows up, challenges Midge, throws things at her on stage.

Season 4 – episode 4 – (thirty) “Interesting People on Christopher Street”
Midge still at the strip club — this is so stupid.
I’ve stopped caring about this at all.
Midge dates some shitty doctor.
Now Midge & Susie are talking about relationships. This isn’t what I signed up for and started watching in the first couple seasons.
The Jason Alexander character and performance is horrible.
Amazing cinematography but an unwatchable Jewish soap opera.
19 mins John Waters brief cameo!!
I started fast forwarding thru bullshit scenes — meaning, all non Mrs. Maisel scenes.
Susie gets her own apt via the mob guys.
Great Greenwich Village location shooting.
They go to a lesbian bar.  Is Susie supposed to be gay?
Susie and Midge in conflict again.  Again, this is not what I fell in love with.
33 mins – Midge does routine at strip club.
FBI investigation into some old incidence into Jason Alexander & Abe. Stupid.
I’d read comments that the show died in the 4th season, and they were right. (although I might argue the third season)
44 mins – Jane Lynch shows up again, her character has had a career collapse.
Unsettling height difference between Jane Lynch and Alex Borstein.
This thing completely fell apart in the forth season.
This strip club stuff is so stupid.

Season 4 – episode 5 – (thirty-one) “How to Chew Quietly and Influence People”
I’ve completely lost interest and am skipping ahead thru every non Midge scene.
If this was the first episodes / season — I never would have watched any of this.
Neurotic magician.
More Rose matchmaking storylines — she wants Midge to stop working at the strip club.
Harry Belafonte character sings at Shy Baldwin’s wedding.
Shy and Midge re-meet / hash out her getting fired, replay the Harlem show.
Midge turns down $12,000 (in 1960) to not talk about Shy being gay. Stupid.
Susie takes Sophie (Jane Lynch) to TV interview show.
Episode ends with a cliff-hanger when Midge jumps out of a cab

Season 4 – episode 6 – (thirty-two) “Maisel vs. Lennon: The Cut Contest”
Jane Lynch is Sophie Lennon.
Lenny Bruce wakes up at the Midge’s apartment — but he’s an asshole.
Sophie becomes a TV game show host — she becomes a huge rich star, and broke Susie won’t accept a Cadillac as a gift.  Stupid. And unrealistic.
Midge changes the strip club to something nice for women.
Midge confronts Daily News columnist who’s been trashing Midge, turns out to be a woman.
Sophie offers Midge the job as warm-up at her TV show.
At least this was back to a showbiz episode.
Stupid Alfie neurotic magician storyline.
Susie is broke and Sophie’s one of the biggest stars in the country, and Susie is rejecting her, but going crazy to book an insane magician.
These storylines are stupid.
Funny continuing refrain of everybody thinking Susie/Alex is a guy.
Mother Rose is confronted at being a matchmaker.
Sophie and Midge bounce off each other before the studio audience — fighting with each other. I hate this fighting all the time. “The Cut Contest”

Season 4 – episode 7 – (thirty-three) “Ethan … Esther… Chaim”
Midge meets doctor in Central Park. Romantic storyline.
Crazy ladies trying to stop Rose’s matchmaking again.
Magician does show at the Cherry Lane Theater.
Rose gets hypnotized and does Midge’s act on stage.
Rose wants to quit matchmaking — Midge tells her not to.
Midge plays JFK fundraiser to a ladies club — she tells a story about cheating on a husband and it goes badly — causes Jackie Kennedy to cry.
Kevin Pollak is great! — he has a heart attack or something at end of episode.

Season 4 – final episode 8 – (thirty-four) “How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?”
Opens with Kevin Pollak in the hospital after the heart attack.
Abe mentions The Twilight Zone again.
Midge and Mae confront each other.
Still AMAZING production design!  Stripper has a Rear Window set!
“Ask here which part is the setup and which part is the joke again?” 🙂
24 mins — Lenny Bruce shows up — he grovels to make up with Midge.
Strip club gets raided!  WHAT a scene!!
26:45 — AMAZING tracking shot begins! — theater —> running thru backstage.
27:02 — new shot continues till 28:04
These are better continuous tracking shots than the best masters (Welles, Scorsese, Altman) ever constructed.
Lenny: “Believe me, honey, if there’s a hell, I’m the headliner.” 🙂
Lenny plays big role in final episode.
Amazing courting scene between Midge & Lenny!
Lenny: “I will be laughing through the entire thing, I promise.” 🙂
Amazing soundtrack choices throughout entire series.
Abe writing Moshe’s obituary.
So many stories are not gonna wrap up. Mae (Joel’s Chinese girlfriend) being dangerous.
Midge turns down opening for Tony Bennett at sold-out run at the Copa. Once again, this is so stupid.
Thousands of loose ends not wrapped up.
More stupid soap opera bullshit about the matchmaker subplot.
The big storyline becomes Rose won’t stop being a matchmaker. Who the fuck cares?
48 mins — Lenny Bruce goes on at Carnegie Hall — makes joke about black or white women, Lena Horn — is this a real Lenny bit?
Lenny’s a major part of climax / climactic show.
Lenny walks Midge out to the Carnegie Hall stage!
Lenny confronts her about turning down Tony Bennett gig.
Amazing Lenny Bruce climax on Carnegie stage. The theme of the series.
Lenny: “Don’t plan. Work. Just work and keeping working. There’s a moment in this business, window’s open, if you miss it, it closes.”
Midge on stage in empty Carnegie Hall.


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