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Trump’s Losing his Mind

January 31st, 2024 · No Comments · Politics

I hope everyone’s enjoying the heck out of the theater of the absurd that’s playing out on the national stage in the U.S.

Diaper Don is losing his mind . . . and the cameras are rolling. 

We’re all going to witness over the next nine months [and beyond] this guy spinning more and more out of control.  This is not like a novel or movie that resolves itself in a couple hours or days.  This is a Shakespearian dramedy — that’s gonna play out over months.

After him teasing us with a Greatest Hits of Crazy over the years — explaining how the Continental Army “took over the airports” or complimenting Frederick Douglass as though he was alive or encouraging the country to drink bleach to beat Covid — the “very stable genius” has kicked it into overdrive lately babbling incoherently multiple times a week for months now.

And what’s particularly fun in the dramatic comedic sense is that both Biden and Haley know exactly what buttons to push and are taunting him.  He’s already unhinged (to use Nikki Haley’s word) and every day another Jenga block gets poked out from under him.  He’s crumbling in slow-motion before our eyes.  And this is perfect dramatic justice because the best person to knock down trump, is trump.

In just the last few days he did a solid five minute routine on how Nikki Haley was in charge of the Capitol on January 6th, then surprised audiences with a new piece about pouring water on magnets to demagnetize them, and of course he still regularly plays his go-to hit about how he beat Obama in 2016 and is running against him now.

“Tightening the screws” comes from an 1800s torture device . . . and it’s happening to trump every day.

And he can’t weasel out of these judicial penalties.  He’s infamous for not paying his debts . . . but the New York fraud and E. Jean Carroll defamation judgements are not something he can skip out of.  The government simply seizes the money.

Trump is a terrible teleprompter reader . . . which stems from him not being a reader in general.  He’s borderline illiterate, as pretty much everyone who worked with him during his White House tenure said.  He simply doesn’t read.  So him reading teleprompters aloud is very difficult and he looks painfully challenged while doing it.

THEN . . . once he goes off-script is when he really reveals the cognitive decline — and prompts prosecutors in multiple jurisdictions to start taking notes.

He avoided getting on stage at the Republican debates because he can’t think on his feet;  and he’s boasted that he was going to take the stand and defend himself in all the recent trials — then when it comes time to do it he chickens out, or gets shut down by the judge in five minutes.

This guy’s in trouble.  And he can’t defend himself.  And he can’t hire competent lawyers because he’s burned every reputable law firm in the country for 50 years and nobody with any experience will represent him. 
You know that he even stiffed his old friend Rudy, who’s now broke & begging — you think there’s a lawyer in America who doesn’t know that?

Representing him in the E. Jean Carroll case was an attorney, Alina Hobba, who had literally never represented anyone in court in her life, and the judge had to repeatedly instruct her on how to behave.  At one point she started reading a document and the judge stopped her, asking, “What exhibit is this?” and she said, “I’m trying to get it in (the record).”  The flabbergasted judge told her she couldn’t do that, then said, “We’re going to take a break now during which you should refresh your memory about how it is you get a document into evidence.”

In the Maine 14th Amendment ballot eligibility case, a bunch of the motions filed by the trump team were done wrong and thus inadmissible.

In the New York fraud case his lawyers forgot to check the box to request a jury trial, and thus it’s a one judge decision.

This incompetence has been going on for months.  And these are the easy pre-season games.  The serious federal mandatory-jail-time cases are due ahead.  If this guy can’t pull off good lawyers now when he should be building his Dream Team . . . it does not bode well for his counsel ahead.

Also, it’s been pointed out that his inexperienced young woman lawyer bears a striking resemblance to his 10th wife Melania.  He hired a lawyer to represent him cuz he likes her face.  This guy’s dumber than O.J. Simpson.

And echo that with him saying that E. Jean Carroll was not his type — then in his video deposition he points to a picture of her and identifies her as his wife Marla Maples.

We’re going to see a continual decent of his sanity over the coming months, and it’s going to get worse with each passing day.


And then he brought up the “I.Q. test” again!  Somehow it’s never gotten through to him — he doesn’t have a friend who will tell him! — that that’s the world-famous industry-standard Montreal Cognitive Assessment test for dementia and brain injuries.  I was in the room when that exact test was given to my elderly mother to assess her cognitive abilities.  It was so hilariously embarrassing when he boasted about it back in 2020 — but he’s brought it up again on the trail in 2024 . . . and still doesn’t know it’s a test for dementia!


He’s more and more isolated in an echo chamber bunker.  Like his predecessor in Berlin, he’s surrounded on all sides . . . and the walls are closing in:  the financial fraud case that’s in the judge’s hands in New York;  the $83 + 5 million E. Jean Carroll judgements collection;  the NY DA Alvin Bragg hush money / election interference case;  the Jack Smith insurrection case;  the Georgia election interference prosecution;  and the stolen classified documents in Mar-a-Lago.

We’re all used to consuming movies or books in a number of hours — or now 60-second TikTok videos fer gawdsakes! — but this comedy-drama is going to play out slowly … no less vividly.  And just like the cult leader in Waco — where trump intentionally chose to launch his current campaign — this is gonna have one heckuva climax. 

The guy’s already losing his mind — and it’s only January. 

Buckle in!




Here’s a brilliant 2-minute video by The Lincoln Project using Fox and Trump’s own words to paint a portrait of his senility . . .

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As Willie Geist observes, “If you watch any one of Donald Trump’s long rallies, if that was a member of your family, you would start talking about if it was time to check them in somewhere.”


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