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Where Wayward Jekylls Hyde — The Mighty Bama-Rama Rap

September 27th, 2008 · No Comments · Poetry, Politics

Where  Wayward  Jekylls Hyde


Mighty  Bama-Rama  Rap

                                                                                by Brian Hassett, Sept. ‘08



Like tonight is the night,

the Barack is The Rock,

And “change” is The Word,

and the voice has been heard,


And the heart is on the drums,

and passion’s playin’ bass,

And the word has hit the streets  —

you can see it in their face!


There’s a choir in the chapel

an’ they’ve just begun to swing,

There’s a band down on the corner,

hear the chimes of freedom ring.

/ / / / / / / / / /

It starts off kinda quiet,

an underdog in spring,

No coronation here

from a white-haired former king.


Just a jazzy scrappy jugband,

eternity on tap,

And the singer in the center

with the silky thunder rap.


The conductor … of an orchestra,

and a mighty rolling train,

Playing sweet sonatas

and crushin’ John McCain.

/ / / / / / /

The combo’s on the road,

packin’ stadiums ‘n’ clubs;

Chopping down great big lies

and tiny weedy Shrubs.


Tonight the tour’s landed

at Toronto’s famous pub,

To listen for the next question

that John McCain will flub,


Where the poets strum and teachers play

and time is on our side                                          “yes it is!

Where colors swirl, the nuns have fun

and wayward Jekylls hyde.

/ / / / / / /

Two score and five ago

our father Martin dreamed

Imagining a whole new world

beyond what his had seemed.


Blink your eyes and here we are

awoken from the dream,

To find our plans were written by

that visionary’s beam.


So, . . . bless this race.

. . . This human one,

That comes in many shades,

Bless this space, this human one,

Inspiring in spades.


It’s forty-years since Martin marched

and water-cannons shot,

We’re still alive on the-other-side,

and this is what he sought.


Launching dreams from Lincoln’s steps

arching across the sky,

Who’d a thought we’d hit the oath,

The inaugural bull’s-eye!

/ / / / / / / / / / /

So, on to P.A., Ohio,

and everywhere we’re not,

It’s a Happy Holy Homerun

with everything we’ve got!


The band has played, the song has sung,

and now we’re on our own,

To ride this wave, and thumb this road,

and take the flight path shown.


From dreams on stages, thru history’s pages,

We’re making words come true,

The choir’s singin’, the bells are ringin’

but This is up to you.


“Yes, we can!”


Obama ’08




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