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“This Time, It’s Personal”

February 17th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Politics

It has been such a heart-breaker to see the Clintons’ true colors revealed.

I keep coming back to Primary Colors (hmm?) — and recommend to all to see or read again —  and the climactic kitchen scene with Libby.  That is what’s happening to myself, and I imagine to so many fence-leaping Democrats these last several weeks.

It’s such a total collapse of trust:  her reversing her ow n promise and signed pledge and public statements to now suddenly be wanting to count Florida & Michigan!?;  her campaign now trying to rename “super-delegates” as “automatic delegates”; huh?  her actually saying on the stump, “You and I both know, words are cheap.” (what a confession of the Clintons rationalistic approach to life!  I guess, what is, is.);  them playing the race card in South Carolina, and then after that mistake, this week her Pennsylvania spokesman, Gov. Ed Rendell, saying some whites won’t vote for a black in his state!  Are they wanting us to they flash back to the 1990s or the 1950s?

This is the most disgraceful campaign I’ve ever seen a Democrat run, period.  I’ve been a Democrat since Carter, and an avid Clintonite since ’92, and one of the big reasons I AM a Democrat is because our team plays fair, and is respectful of one another.  We may try to out-zing each other, but there’s no Willie Horton or “stealing Florida” in our party.  – – . . . doh!

This Clinton campaign has behaved like the worst ofthe Republicans — with race-baiting, trying to change the rules to suit them, and slandering upstanding people.  It’s mind-blowing that a Democrat is doing it.  And to another Democrat.  It’s such a sad, but apparently fitting, final or lasting image we will all have of this couple.

It’s pillar-collapsing when heroes betray you.  This couple were political gods – and to now see them day after day betray the ideals that you’ve lived by, and that the party embodies, and betraying the nation’s future by trying to destroy this man and this moment, and betraying everything they ever said they stood for . . . I’m in a bit of a shock.  So,

The rallying call:  “In a heavy-weight title fight, the challenger doesn’t win on points.”   (Barack Obama, on 60 Minutes)

He’s so right.  She needs to be knocked-out for him to win this.  If she does well in any of the upcoming states – Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania — the country is in trouble.  Do what you can, and

March Forth!

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p.s. – For a really clear list of all the Primaries and their results, plus the upcoming ones, you can go here:

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  • 1 saint satin stain // Feb 19, 2008 at 9:29 PM

    I am a republican, libertarian, and the only candidate I can even think about in my party is Repr. Ron Paul. Last election I voted for the Democrat, breaking my usual practice of voting for libertarians. Real conservatives, ones you may disagree with in a rational argument; ones which do not want to use the instrumentality for their corporate greed. These neocons, religious zealots, social managers, and corporatists called Barry Goldwater crazy because he didn’t wear religion on his sleeve, want it in governance, and believed that the government should not dictate what persons did with their bodies. Liberal and conservative are not demons; most, not all, of their political ideas are wrong.
    I believe that abortion is murder, but it is a moral concept, a personal one. I also defend any woman against the government legislating a ban on her choice. After this eight years of Bushleague governance I can’t accuse the Democrats of reckless spending.

    Since neither party will have Repr. Barney Frank, Repr. Paul, Senator Susan Collins, or Senator Bernie Sanders as their nominee, I support Senator Obama.

    Ideology means less to me as I age, and honesty, williness to practice governance the way the Constitution is today is more important and necessary. Some folk don’t know that the Constitution has changed significantly since the founders wrote it.

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