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Hillary’s Lost

February 20th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

Obama just won Wisconsin by 17 points!  58% to 41% — another 60-40 voters’ decision, in another 5% African-American state.

And he won Hawaii by even more than D.C. — 76% to 24%!

It’s not only 10 victories in a row – it’s 10 blow-outs in a row.  Last night was his smallest victory yet, and it was by 17 points.

Since Super Tuesday:

3 times he’s beaten her by more than 3-to-1, getting over 75% of the vote.

3 other times he’s gotten over 65% and beaten her by more than 2-to-1.

So, in more than half the states — he’s gotten more than twice the votes she has.

The closest Hillary has gotten in the last 10 states, is 17% in WI, 19% in ME, 21% in LA, and 22% in MD.  She lost everything else by 2-to-1 or worse. These are crazy-numbers.

To put it in more perspective — Hillary won New Hampshire by 2%.  She won Nevada by 6%.  Her “huge victory” in California – was by 10%.  Last night Obama won by almost all of that combined taking Wisconsin by 17% — and it was his smallest margin of victory since Super Tuesday.

And Hillary continued her now-signature practice of not giving a concession speech.  Chris Matthews called it a “courtesy deficiency”.  I call it sociopathic. She behaves without regard to society around her.  She thinks she can make up her own rules and nobody will notice.  She goes on the record every way possible to say she won’t count Florida, then wants to count it.  She floated yesterday using a loophole to steal the voter-pledged delegates.  It’s psychopathic.  She’s getting blown out 2-to-1, but still thinks the people want her most.  I’m just saying, as a friend, you need to see a psychiatrist.

Hillary’s lost:  her mind; her voters; her delegates; her donors; and anything resembling momentum.  She’s actually in retrograde momentum.

And meanwhile, in Houston, Obama’s giving another one of greatest-hits speeches in front of 20,000 euphoric Texans dancing up through the last rafter rows of the arena.

And another great story yesterday — the first day of early-voting in Texas, over a thousand students marched 7 miles!  Seriously.  To vote!  Shades of Selma.  I know this will be hard to believe, but there are apparently some parts of Texas that screw over black people.  Here’s more on the story (which i first caught on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe) . . .

Hillary is losing to the voters big-time in every state in every part of the country.  She’s lost the media who live and breathe these candidates and can tell a dog from a champion.  She lost fundraising by 3-to-1 in January — new and final figures today:  $36 million to $13.  She’s lost her own party – with multiple super-delegates actually rescinding their endorsements last week and embracing Obama, with more flowing his way this afternoon.  Not to mention her losing the momentum by a tsunami.

How long until she gets some mental-health help, or at least glances out a window?

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For a clear list of all the Primaries and their results, plus the upcoming ones, you can go here:

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Upcoming Live TV / Internet Moments:

*  Thursday:  8PM Eastern, CNN’s “No Rules” wide-open Dem debate;  the last two primary debates broke the all-time TV viewership records.  This will make the 3rd new all-time record in less than a month.

Friday:  new Will.I.Am (“Yes, We Can”) digi video to hit the internet.

Saturday: 11:30 (Eastern) Saturday Night Live — first new episode since writer’s strike and to satirize the Primary — I can just see an “Obama” riffing this great oratory, and “Hillary” coming in as the complaining bitch.

Tuesday — The Final Debate, on MSNBC, Tim “Killer” Russert to moderate.

Enjoy the ride of a political lifetime,


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