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Smokin’ Charlie’s Saxophone

September 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Music, New York City, Poetry, Weird Things About Me

Here’s a poem I wrote about the eternal spirit of New York City . . . including the ever-present ghosts of Charlie Parker, Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady . . .

turned into a jazzy song by Will Hodgson and The Mighty Manatees,

and played here with special guests Walter Tate Jr. on sax and Jason Crosby on keys (who’s now playing violin with both Phil Lesh and Futhur), recorded in the tiny n cool Dutch Cottage outside Philadelphia, April 23rd, 2009.

Click here to hear:   Smokin’ Charlie’s Saxophone



I thought of Neal, I thought of Jack,
And then I found a joint;
A secret prankster’s hideaway
Where their heirs anoint.

It’s a Bleecker Street drop-in pad
That dusts the latest trend;
It smokes and swirls like Pollock did,
And it’s called The Bitter End.

New York City howls in me,
I hear her in my sleep;
Smokin’ Charlie’s saxophone,
Why’s the price so steep?

We parked the bus down MacDougal Street,
Went lookin’ for a light
I heard there is a guitar player
Who rolls right through the night.

Ghosts immemorial
Haunt the ancient streets;
Backing up Jack Kerouac
And drinking with the Beats.

New York City howls in me,
I hear her in my sleep;
Smokin’ Charlie’s saxophone,
Turned the pages of my sleep.

New York City I think you’re drunk
On Madison & Fame;
The suit and ties that slit your throat
And call it all a game.

Yo junky-breath get off my back,
I wanna take a stroll;
There’s gotta be some college girls
Who wanna rock n roll.

New York City howls in me
I hear her in my sleep;
Smokin’ Charlie’s saxophone,
He paid a price too steep.



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by Brian Hassett


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  • 1 John Cassady // Dec 6, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    Killer song, dude!
    Next time you’re in SF let’s jam it!
    I still have a few guitars in the closet — I may be old and in the way, but I can still play!
    So keep up the good work!
    Let’s rock!
    All best, as always,
    John Cassady

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