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How the Election Night Numbers Played Out

November 19th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics


The Post Election Numbers:

The Presidential race

I finalized my predictions on Nov. 1st, and called the final Electoral College to be:

367  to  171

and it turned out:

365  to  173


“My bad”:  I thought the Dems would pull off North Dakota;  and I gave Indiana to the Repubs, but the Dems squeaked it out by .9%.  And then McCain eventually won Missouri by .1%!  🙂

Missouri & Montana were my two final changes 🙂  All along, I was calling Missouri for McCain, but at the last moment (!) I switched it, figuring the national “mo” that was with Obama would sway the “.1%” in Obama’s favor and keep Missouri’s streak going.  But, nooooooooo.

Also:  I figured McCain would get 56 million votes, and that’s exactly what he got on election night, but ended up with 59 million after all the absentees were counted.

I called Obama hitting 70 million votes, and he ended up with just over 68,500,000 — so, damn close there.

I figured the spread would be:  54% – 45%.  . . . Turned out: 53% – 45.7%.

I called the Senate:  56 – 42 – 2

and at present it’s:  56 – 41 – 2 — with Minnesota yet to be decided.

Without knowing much about the House, I guessed it would end up 265 – 170, and it currently stands at 255 – 176, with 4 undecided.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Final Numbers (as of Dec. 9th):

Obama:  68,520,000 votes, . . .  52.79%

McCain: 59,455,000, . . .    45.81%     (1.4% for “other”)

total votes cast:  129,786,000

(source for the above: The Green Papers)

November 2008 U.S. population:  305,836,000  (U.S. Census Clock)

Total registered voters:  169 million (86 m. Dems, 55 m. Repubs, 28 m. independents) (source: Wikipedia)



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