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The Grammy’s 50th Party

February 10th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Music, Politics

Holy muthr jezus of gawd!  What just happened?!  Herbie Hancock just won Album of The Year!

Herbie, besides everything else in his brilliant career, was a key to the “Yes We Can” Obama video.  And the guy climaxes the Grammys, saying, “Yes, We Can” from the stage when he wins.  I’m freaking out.

you can see the Herbie – Obama moment at the end of this short highlight package:

Plus, Obama himself actually won a Grammy!! (for Best Spoken Word, for his reading of “Audacity of Hope“)  AND he beat a Clinton doing it!  (Bill for the audio of his book.)

And, on top of that!  In just the last few hours — Obama won Maine by 20% (making it 4 straight states); Hillary fired her campaign manager; the airing of the winner/loser 60 Minutes; and Herbie’s climactic winner’s speech at the Grammys . . . this is all the news going into Monday morning and next week. this is insane.

I leave it to you to explain, but how did Obama have the Giants Meadowlands booked IN ADVANCE for the day after the Super Bowl?
If they had lost as the bookies and conventional wisdom had it, he would have looked so stupid appearing there. But he booked it and had everybody heading there before the game was ever played.

and now Herbie “Yes, We Can” Hancock wins frickin Album of the Year!!??

whether it’s a conspiracy, or a fluke, or karma, or fate, or Obama himself, something is happening here, and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Rove?

I’m just freakin out too much to breathe right now — but here’s what the Grammys were like before everything changed at the end:

That was quite a show!  (as long as you hit “mute” for about 3/4 of it!)  but seriously — Gershwin — Cab Caloway —  Let It Be — and Tina Turner!!!

I’ll let my brother Phil lay down what he saw from the seats in the house, but I’ll tell ya, Tina!!  What better inspiration to any of us under 60!  That babe’s never laid down a bad show in her life.  Overwhelming show-stealer from this couch.

and a huge late-breaking smile to the Fogarty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard’s playoff!

Let’s all go see Fogarty next time he’s in town!


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by Brian Hassett


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  • 1 Brian // Feb 12, 2008 at 12:25 PM

    here’s Phil’s rather less-than-enthusiastic review once he got home . . .

    The ‘08 Grammy’s weren’t as good as ‘07. However, there were a few standouts – Alicia and Sinatra! Tina and Beyonce! Jimmy Jam and the Time with Rhianna!

    Vince Gill’s comment was the best. “I just got a Grammy from a Beatle, Kanye did you ever get that?”

    Other than that a bunch of either really old or really dead people. Kinda morbid. I’ll let you know more when I see the show on my DVR.

    Also, Amy Winehouse was GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

  • 2 philwagner // Feb 18, 2008 at 10:35 PM

    Brian, sorry to be a downer, but their was no mute button for the 3/4 of the show live at Staples. I agree with your summation of the rest. Tina is 72 and she rocked the house!

  • 3 Brian // Feb 19, 2008 at 6:14 PM

    You can’t bring ME down! 🙂 Herbie Obama Hancock winning Album of the Year was an all-time jaw-dropper!

    And him saying, “Yes, We Can” at the climax of the show was a jump-outta-the-chair-and-dance-around-the-room moment! Music, jazz, rock n roll, poetics, politics, prophesy, hope, and peaceful revolution all summoned up in one moment.

    and ya don’t get many of those! 🙂

    Barack on, my friend!

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