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Brian’s Obama endorsement

February 9th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics

I know you’re all smart enough to make your own choice.  For me, I was a Clinton supporter, as I have been since 1992, but will be casting my Democrats Abroad vote for Barack Obama.  I think Obama can win the Presidency in a landslide, bringing independents, Republicans, and new voters into the party.  Most Democrats I know don’t even want to vote for Hillary.  She will unite and invigorate the other side and drive up their vote against the Democrats in more races than just the Presidency.  Further, I don’t trust her ethics or judgment or morals – based on how she’s run her campaign.  She played her now-common election-eve fake tears routine again yesterday, and is on the morning news shows today claiming she won 4 states so far, still taking credit for states that don’t count and didn’t even have the other candidates on the ballot.  If she can’t be honest or play by the rules of her own party in an open primary, why on earth should I believe she’d be ethical in the White House with the doors closed and the shades drawn? 


One of her perceived strengths was that she’d been vetted and was still standing.  But the problem is what her husband has been up to the last 7 years.  I don’t trust that guy as far as I could throw him, and with him being unsupervised the last several years, I have no doubt he’s been up to some shady shenanigans.  I think the numerous recent news stories on this are just scratching the surface.  And we can’t afford to have the White House consumed for the next 4 years with fighting off more Clinton scandals. 


I hope and assume you watched the “Yes, We Can” Obama video ( that’s now found it’s way onto the Obama website and mainstream news shows.  To me, the Barack-star appeals to the better angels of our nature.  If you read his books, you know he is a thoughtful, passionate, worldly man.  He’s fair minded, and he’s honest.  And he’s older than Bill Clinton, JFK or Teddy Roosevelt were when they became President, so it’s not like he’s too young for the job.  In fact, he has more experience than Bill Clinton did when he ran for the same job, so for the Clintons to be claiming Obama’s not experienced enough reveals more about their never-ending hypocrisy. 


If he runs his White House like he ran his campaign, it will be both ethical and inspiring – almost the polar-opposite of his opponent.  He has an unlimited ceiling of potential, both in the numbers of votes he receives as well as being a positive inspiration to the nation and the world.  His appeal is so broad, the phrase “Obama Republicans” has already entered the political vernacular.  Although, I sort of like “Obamicans”. 


This is a vote that I’m very happy to be casting; it makes me feel proud to be an American again, and be very hopeful for the future.  For once this is not a hold-your-nose vote for the lesser of two evils, but rather for someone who inspires, who plays by the rules, shows excellent judgment on a daily basis, and will be a tremendous voice for our nation, both at home and abroad. 


The Clintons are going to pull every dirty trick in the book to steal this nomination.  The only way we can stop them is with our votes today. 


So, vote like you mean it!  The revolution will be televised. 


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